Office For Rent Singapore: Getting your facts right

Office Space for Lease Singapore

In the city of Singapore, a global business hub, it is a difficult and time consuming job for companies to find and rent office space. It includes careful consideration of factors such as availability of economic assets, projected incomes and profits, business requirements and so on. Whether you are staring a new business, expanding it or moving it, finding a suitable office space for rent in singapore is important.

For customer-focused businesses, the success or failure is partly dependant on the owner’s discernment in selecting the right location for renting an office. The office space rental activities are concentrated in the Central Region consisting of Central Business District (CBD), which is the core financial and commercial district in Singapore. The CBD area is considered the most prime location for renting office space. However, there is an emerging trend of moving away from CBD due to high rental prices. One of the up-and-coming locations is the Paya Lebar Square.  The popular areas in CBD for office rental include Raffles Place area, Tanjong Pagar area, River Valley area, Orchard Road area, etc. The average monthly gross rent for these areas is $8.70/square feet (2013).

An ideal office to rent should be within your budget, be situated in an area suitable for your business and be accessible for you and your employees. If you are starting a small business, serviced offices/business centers – ready made fully furnished offices – can be an ideal option for you in Singapore. They offer low startup cost, flexible lease terms and esteemed business address. Serviced offices are located in the business districts of Singapore. They are managed by specialized companies that rent these office spaces to other companies. Serviced offices are most suited for small businesses with less than ten employees or looking for a temporary solution.

Offices Rental Singapore

Conventional office rental spaces are another option for businesses. They are empty offices for rent that you will need to furnish by spending a consider amount of money on furniture, utilities, IT infrastructure, etc. Moreover, finding the right building and setting up a conventional office lease is a time consuming and tiring task. Conventional office spaces are suitable for companies on stable growth path who intent to set up a permanent office and have more than a few employees. The initial investment is a conventional office is higher than in serviced offices but the monthly expenses are lower.

You can rent conventional offices in privately owned commercial buildings or in government owned commercial buildings. There are plentiful of private-owned commercial building in almost any neighborhood in Singapore. The rent depends on the location and age of the building. It is highly recommended to use a broker or an agent to assist you in your search and negotiate on the terms of the lease. In case of renting offices in government-owned commercial buildings, you can lease them from Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) of Singapore. There is a wide range of locations offered by JTC.

In conclusion, one of the most important aspects for new business startups in Singapore is renting an office. One surely shouldn’t rush the decision, as it’s quite an important one. Determine the right type of office rental, identify the right location and bargain for a fair. It is best to use a broker to help you in finding the right office for rent Singapore and negotiating the lease terms and conditions.



Investment Opportunity Like Never before – Paya Lebar Square

Paya Lebar Square Offices Rent Sale

A comfort associated with a city fringe location is provided by the high quality Paya Lebar Square that additionally enables easy access into the central part of the main business district location. If you’re searching for an area in Paya Lebar Square for rent – stay with me. We will also take a look at the main things you should know if you are looking for an office outside the CBD for sale

Paya Lebar Square goes over a property region of more than 159.000 square feet and rises thirteen floor high. The primary 3 floors house 159 shops and the remaining 10 floors up above will be high grade offices. The particular offices will certainly vary from settings coming from more than 450 square feet towards around the actual full flooring – 43.000 feet square.

Circle Line and also East West Line are really easy to get to, you will find autobus areas, modern day establishments like lobbies regarding office usage and also separate lobbies regarding consumer’s use, cab stand and so on. Paya Lebar Square has got a lot more to supply when compared with solely an interesting style and design.

Paya Lebar Square is certainly designed to become the flagship office environment development exactly where businesses can certainly leapfrog into the large league. There won’t be any such fantastic expenditure possibility after the offices in Paya Lebar Square for rent along with office spaces inside Paya Lebar Square for sale are going to be used which means you ought to use this prospect whilst you actually are able to. For tips on best ways to use an office, please click here.

Vivid retail store as well as leisure services will certainly finish the particular people friendly commercial centre.

The selected sections will be built with drinking water supply as well as waste products release facility. An elevated floors will also be presented in addition to artificial roof to all sections.

The working place is actually well lit because sunlight is actually coming into the particular office spaces by floor-to-ceiling windows. A number of units will certainly furthermore contain beautiful point of view.

paya lebar square Sale

The security structure consists of essentially the most leading-edge technological innovations to make sure that the work setting is protected. Closed-circuit television, most recent card entry model – these are typically exclusively a few of the security measures which Paya Lebar Square provides.

Paya Lebar is certainly set to become a radiant commercial hub using around 12 ha associated with land intended for building, converting to five hundred thousand sq. m. of business space on the floor. Please click here for more detailed info.

The particular decentralization system that would certainly give access for people to get a job closer family homes is the reason why Paya Lebar is actually constructed beyond the city.

A greatly positioned development and prime work place isn’t two things that frequently come up accessible. Good demand along with low rates of interest – this is a formula to have a wonderful financial commitment. It truly is ecological, also provides a wonderful connectivity and remarkable prospect of expansion. Zero SSD in addition to ABSD are present thus it causes it to be a very inexpensive financial commitment. In case you are interested in space inside Paya Lebar Square for rent or maybe a place inside Paya Lebar Square for sale, you need to behave quick or maybe you are going to miss out on a fantastic prospect.

The massive MASSIVE redevelopment plans can be seen here!

Best Ways to Use an Office Space

Working with unused office space can prove to be a costly affair to the operations of a business. Whenever an office desk and office space for that matter sit unused for about two-thirds of the time, it translates to extra costs to a business because no productive work is being undertaken to compensate for the space. Wasting office space is not only uneconomical to a business, if office space is properly utilized, employees will ne highly motivated and become productive simply because they are working in a manner in which it is best for them.

If you realize that you are wasting more space than you had planned for, you may want consider doing the following:

Desks and chairs

If these two office furniture is not properly arranged, it can consume a lot of office space. What you need to know before arranging your office is that the amount of desk space that is needed tends to heavily depend on the kind of work being done. Office space should be allocated using this criterion; if for example your office staffs are made up of individuals working with their computers all day long, it would be recommended to limit their space. The space that is left can be allocated to those employees who do mot of the hands-on kind of work. When picking an office desk, you need to go for the one that is capable of accommodating all of the tasks that are likely to be allocated to it. The desk should also leave enough storage space.

The kind of chair you use can also determine office space. To make the most of the office space, you only need to have enough chairs. There is no need of having chairs just lying around crowding the office space. Try as much as possible to trim down the number of chairs within the office space.

Picking office desks and chairs that complement one another can be a daunting task but if the combination is right, you should be able to save a lot of office space.

Work on a proper storage space

Selecting an office desk goes hand in hand with the amount of storage space needed. An office should have enough storage space for keeping papers, files and other old furniture and equipment. An office without enough storage space or where documents are not properly stored can consume a lot of your office leading to wastage.

There are different ways one can employ to properly store things in an office. However, picking on the one that is most efficient and affordable can save your business a lot. Try as much as possible to de-clutter your office space to make things run efficiently.

Things one should expect from an Ideal Office Space

In as much as comfort is essential in as far as an office space is concerned, a casual office setting can mean less productivity in the working environment. This is a major challenge with individuals who enjoy working from home. For maximum efficiency and productivity, an office should strike a balance between comfort and the level of seriousness that is much needed in a working environment. This way, your office staff can enjoy a good work space while at the same time delivering the right kind of results. An ideal office space should contain the following features:

Should be well located

At one point in life, you must have come across the famous real estate phrase, ‘location, location, location.” The emphasis is clear and it shows you just how important location is when it comes to picking the perfect space for your office. If the location is ideal for your business, then you should not have any problems answering the following questions; can your clients access your business without any hassles? And how easy is it for employees to get there? If the answers to these two questions are positive, then you should go for that option.

The right price

You cannot label an office space as ideal if you cannot afford to pay rent. Price boils down as the most important factor that businesses need to consider when trying to pick an ideal office space. Avoid going for a cheap office space because what that means is that you’ll end up frustrated and find yourself moving out after a few months. If you go an expensive one, chances are that you’ll default on your payments. Work through your budget to identify what you are comfortable with go for it. An ideal office space should be affordable and match your office requirements.

Perfect size

An ideal office space should always of the right size. As mentioned above an office space needs to be comfortable enough to satisfy the expectations of your clients, customers and staff in general. A small office may bring about discomfort in terms of competition for space which may affect productivity. On the other hand, in as much as having a larger office can seem as a good idea, it might turn out to be too expensive especially in situations where rent is calculated based on the floor sqm.


Infrastructure such as internet connectivity, postal services and telephone connection needs to be factored in when considering an ideal office space. Some businesses may still function properly even without some of these facilities but it is better is you can have them around. It is no wonder why some office include internet access as part of their rent.